Rwanda Children

As a child, I was always told to use my gifts.

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Because of that advice, I’ve spent the last 25 years designing or decorating in some capacity. I’ve experienced happiness and fulfillment by making spaces beautiful.

Ultimately, however… that’s not what filled my soul.

In 2015, I researched how to sponsor a child in Africa. During that time, while scrolling through Facebook, I saw a close friend had just returned from Africa on behalf of a non-profit he had co-founded. I checked out his website and it piqued my interest. After sending him a message and asking how to donate to his cause, I was surprised when he wrote back, “We would love a donation, but what we really need is you.”

I dove right in and began learning everything there was to know about Rwanda Children. I fell in love with the mission of helping children and families stuck in the cycle of crippling poverty. I began spreading the cause on social media, sharing it with friends, and eventually made my first volunteer trip to Africa to see the work with my own two eyes. The rest is history.

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RC's influence and effectiveness continues to explode. In 2017, we were named the #1 non-profit in Rwanda by the Rwandan government.

Rwanda Children exists to serve the people of Rwanda in the following ways:

Medical treatment for the community

Medical insurance for children

Daily care for over 700 children

Educating children at the RC primary school

Skills training for widows and single moms

Micro-loans for aspiring business owners

Growing crops to provide food for the community

This all began with the dream of Serge Gasore, Jr., a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Serge came to America for a college education and settled in Dallas, Texas, where he built his career and started a family.

Serge always dreamed of going back to Rwanda and helping the at-risk children of his country. In 2013, with the help of a close friend, he established Rwanda Children. Because of it’s rapid growth, Serge and his family eventually moved to Rwanda to better lead and serve as Director of Rwanda Children.

That’s me (above) holding a little girl on the campus of Rwanda Children during my second visit to Africa. I now sponsor two children on our campus and my soul is continually filled.

This is the reason behind Brianne Hendrick Interiors: to inspire, to dream, to serve. That’s why, with every completed project, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to Rwanda Children. Our clients can enjoy their design, knowing they gave a brighter future to a child in need.

It truly is interior design with a purpose.

Brianne Hendrick and Rwanda Children
Pictured above: RC Founder, Serge Gasore, Jr., with some of our Rwandan children.
Pictured above: RC Founder, Serge Gasore, Jr., with some of our Rwandan children.

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