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After working in various areas of the design field over the past twenty-three years, I learned there are two things I am most passionate about: interior design and helping people. These two driving forces led me to begin Brianne Hendrick Interiors. 

Whether it’s designing a room for an active family, a custom kitchen/bath renovation or assisting contractors with design assistance, I desired to offer services to anyone in need of design help.

More than that, I wished to run a company with intention and purpose. I wanted to do work I could be proud of even after the project was completed. It only made sense to combine my love for design with my love for a non-profit near to my heart, Rwanda Children.

With every completed project, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to Rwanda Children. My clients can know their investment to hire a designer did more than create a beautiful space; it changed the life of a child.

While my designs and my name will not last forever, it is my hope that the love poured into each project will continue to make a difference for years to come.

It is with this deep understanding I intend to live my life and run my business, one design at a time.

Brianne Hendrick

Owner & CEO, Brianne Hendrick Interiors

Brianne Hendrick Interiors